Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer time...

First off the Willow is prime for play so grab your boat and get down there!

Two generations setting up for synchronized loops - Photo Kim

Looking back at a great spring... 

Bowron Boating

The Bowron river saw a bunch of boating as the Boulder Section is a great early season spot that provides a great bouncy class II run with minimal shuttle needs (bike, hike or drive all are good!). With some new boaters and SUP'ers out on the water and whole lotta fun to be had.

The Portage Canyon Section also saw some action and a bunch of hiking as well.  The road to the take out has degraded to a fun 4x4 with Al and Phil roughing it out so it was passable.  The log jam that use to sit river left in the canyon is gone and at high flows left, right and even a boof over the big rock middle left are possible... although I would recommend the standard middle right line.  
P.S. Now that the wood is gone the wave in Portage looks nice and green... 

East Line

The annual pilgrimage out to the McBride area hit full swing this year with the Holmes and Dore seeing several runs in  the cold snow melt leading up to the annual paddlefest. 
Not much to say other than YeeeHaw! (and mind the holes)
Bouncing Down the Dore - Photo Norno

More Dore - Photo Norno

Nacho in Beaver Falls - Photo Norno

Road trippers

Al and I made the trip out to Grande Cache for the Paddle fest and had a great time.  Met up with some of our friends from Alberta and got on the Musky, Smokey and Sheep.
I know I'll be going back as the boating was top notch! (although my photography is not)

The Cottonwood saw a trip as well with some carnage in Jimmy Jack Joe and some great boating with the Quesnel crew.
Graham leading into Kickoff

Jimmy, Jack Joe

Nevin getting ready to meet a hole...

Annual PG Paddlefest 

Once again we headed east to take in the Robson Valley and the great hospitality of Loos.
A small turn out and some higher water on the Morekill didn't bring us down as a good crew pulled of a run on the Morekill below the falls.
Grade 5 hike to put on

Last words before the put on

Scouting Horseshoe falls

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 And runs on the Dore and Holmes rounded out the fest until next time. (or until I get some more pictures and video).