Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eastline has begun!

 Norno, Al, Freezer, Nevin, Chris and Curt made the first of the annual pilgrimage to McBride for some Holmes and Dore action. Holmes was a good warm up as it was a little on the lowish side from previous years when we normally run it in flood. The run was full of its normal holes with a massive one formed at the top of the first rapid but easily avoidable on the left or right. The white kilometer was not as big with the lower water levels but was fairly technical. There was enough going on that it made Al pull of his first combat roll in his Karma, pretty good since he's had the boat for a few years. Beaver falls never disappoints with a few different lines tried and most coming out un-scathed. 
As always in McBride, the main course is the Dore. Level was 1.7 which is lower than previous years of 1.9 and 2.2. River temps were a little warmer. The lower levels made for a very technical run to avoid the uncountable holes and made for a few last minute boofs to get out of a bad spot. Hail to the big volume creeker....The crux rapid below the bridge had the normal line blocked by wood so we took the "Nacho" line to left which required a few moves to avoid "Nacho's Hole." Even with the lower levels, the rapid before the take out was still fluffy with a few boats subbing out in a few beauty holes. 
Good day on the river with the fellas with the return trip already in the works.
- Words By Curt 
Chris in Beaver Falls - Photo Freezer