Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring? No really.

Most of the locals I've talked to around Prince George can't remember a spring season that has been this cool. While the melt is certainly underway, there's lots of snow in the bush and the mountain snowpack is still increasing. Things could get interesting once runoff begins in earnest, but that doesn't look like any time soon as the forecasters have called for a cool wet spring. Chalk it up to La NiƱa I guess.

Despite the slow start, a few of us have managed to get out on the water recently. The Nechako and Willow Rivers are open and flowing although access might be limited due to snowbound roads (nothing a little hike can't get around though). Be sure to check the forum for information on runs that might be happening around PG. If you're curious about the snowpack and the runoff forecast check out the BC Government's River Forecast Centre here: runoff. For information on river levels on many of our local runs you can check Environment Canada's Wateroffice. You'll find the Nechako, Willow, and many other rivers on the list.
Our run last Saturday on the Willow turned out to be the first run of the year for most of us, and levels were surprisingly perfect for playboating (~3.9 m on the online gauge). The water was cold but the sunshine was warm enough even in the canyon to keep things warm. The day was capped off with good times around the bonfire at Al's place up on Cranbrook Hill. Amazingly the northern lights even put in an appearance later that evening. Thanks for the good eats and fun times Leighton! The season has started Prince George --- see you on the water!!

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