Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New year, new club exec, hopefully some blog updates!

Well it's been a quiet year for the Brigade, at least on the club 'blog, as most people seem to have taken to the club's Facebook page.

Members got out on local rivers, and it was quite the year for PG whitewater as the early warm weather followed by the rains in summer meant that the river levels came up and stayed up. We also got out to Smithers, Clearwater and Likely paddlefests.

Now the paddling gear has been packed away for the winter, the club held its annual general meeting and elected a bunch of fresh new faces (as well as some grizzled old ones):

President: Kim
Vice President: Kyle
Treasurer: Rick
Secretary: Mark

Additionally there are new directors:

Gear: Alex
Safety: Carli
Media: Fraser
Member at large: Duncan

We will be posting up dates for the club's winter pool sessions shortly but in the meantime, have a fun filled winter season!