Saturday, October 22, 2011

Season Wrap-Up 2011

Recently we held our Annual General Meeting and voted in the Brigade executive for next paddling season. With lots of new paddlers on the scene this year, it should come as no surprise that almost every position was taken by someone who has just started in the sport. Great to see the enthusiasm! There is no doubt that they will bring new energy to the club and our paddling community in 2012.

From left to right in the above picture, we have our President Dani, Scribe Hayley, Assistant Jesse, and Vice President Curtis. Club assistants not pictured include Erin, Rob, Matt D, Ian and others. Rounding out the executive is Rick who once again will take the reigns as Treasurer. Thanks to all of you for stepping up to the plate. Pictured below is the VP and Prez ripping up Isle Pierre on the Nechako River during a sunny September trip.

We are nearing the end of another great paddling season in Prince George. The days are getting shorter, colder, winter is fast approaching and soon we'll turn our attention to more seasonal sports. During the off-season there will be lots of opportunities to develop your kayaking skills at the pool. We won't start our formal NWBPC Pool Sessions until March, but informal drop-in sessions are available at the Prince George Aquatic Centre. The best time is usually during Monday-Thursday after 9pm when it isn't too busy and there are no other groups using the shallow end. Always be sure to call ahead and confirm with the lifeguards first. They are friendly and helpful if you are respectful of the space and the privilege we have to kayak there. Also make sure your boat is clean. If you would like company or help with techniques like the roll, be sure to post something up on the forum. There are experienced boaters willing to help, just let us know...

As most of you you know, for several years now I've been taking care of the club's media. The primary purpose of my role was to share stories, pictures, videos, and information about local waterways and paddlers with Brigade members and the greater paddling community. This included the blog, our youtube and picassa sites, the paddlepg forum, the Brigade newsletter, and so on. Starting next year, I will not be in this role. It's been a good time for sure as I've enjoyed spreading the word about Prince George whitewater and stoking the fire on our little scene. I'll still be on the river and somewhat active with the Brigade, but my days of running the club's media are done. Thanks for the feedback and support over the years, and I wish the new executive all the best. Cheers...
(Kananaskis Rodeo, May 2007)

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